Cannabis is the only plant where every part is useful in one way or another! The hemp is used for making fabric, while the roots are used for making soap, and the leaves and seeds can be used for food or medicine! I think that cannabis is a very important plant, and it can be very beneficial for our society if used wisely

I’m not an expert, but it has been proved that Cannabis was used since ancient civilisations! But today, it’s illegal because it can cause addiction and psychosis. It contains many active ingredients, the main, and the most controversial one, is called tetrahydrocannabinol or better called THC that’s the ingredient that cause the hallucination effect of Cannabis.
Some people use it for recreational or medicinal purposes.
So it all depends on your goal and your point of view.

Cannabis is a drug that is illegal in many countries, it is a drug that makes people do stupid things while they are under its influence. It makes the people who use it sick, and it can cause cancer. When I see people who are on cannabis, I always tell them: “What are you doing? You are not good for yourself, stop immediately! You are wasting your life!”

Medicinal cannabis

Cannabis has a strong impact on our health. It interferes with learning and memory. Inhaling cannabis smoke affects our respiratory, immune, cardiac, hormonal, reproductive, and central nervous systems. Cannabis users who drive may put themselves and others on the road at risk. We believe it is a major factor in car accidents. Cannabis can cause brain changes in young people. The brains of teens who use cannabis are more likely to develop schizophrenia, a serious mental illness, later in life. It interferes with our cognitive functions.

Cannabis is not a bad plant!
Cannabis can be used for several purpose, medical, industrial and recreational!
But like any drugs, cannabis has to be taken seriously and not abused!
If you have to use cannabis for some purpose, use it with caution, and be careful!+

Cannabis is the most abused illicit drug in the world. But it can produce positive effects in some cases and it has been used as folk medicine for many years. It can be useful as a medicine for people with cancer or AIDS and to treat nausea for pregnant women. But the effects of cannabis are not always pleasant. It can produce hallucinations, paranoia and anxiety. It can also affect memory and concentration.

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